For the last 10 years, Uncle William has shown thousands of children where the food of their dinner tables comes from (not supermarkets!) in an interesting and fun way.

With light humour and creative presentation, William and his staff distract urbanised Singaporean children from the heat and unfamiliar smells while introducing them to the basics of farm life. Although the onset of avian flu has put an end to visits to production sheds of farms, the tours still include indirect interaction with live animals to keep the children happy, albeit in a controlled enclosure at Farmart Centre. The average tour lasts for about an hour and includes a presentation, a Q&A session and a visit to the animal corner.

Also located at Farmart Centre is Lian Wah Hang’s retail outlet, where fresh produce of various farm like the crocodile and eggs can be purchased at special farm prices.

The open spaces of the Farmart Centre make for enjoyable family or school-organised trips during the weekends or school holidays. Uncle William tours can comfortably take up to 80 children per tour, as long as reservations are made in good time before the chosen tour date. Tours can be also be customised if necessary.


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